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What’s Next for Dwarf Mountain

I was hoping to give an update on my novel progress last week, but life got away from me, as it is wont to do. But, now I’m here, updating! And the first news is…I finished book two last Monday! I reached my 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo in November (which is all that matters), but I finally finished the last sentence on December 1.

I had considered combining book two with the first one because I didn’t know how much content I would actually have for this second book. I also thought it might work better in one long, 150K book. Welp, as it turns out, there was plenty of content for this one, and when I go back to it for revisions, I’m sure there will be even more added.

One of the nice things about finishing the sequel before the first book is even published is that I can now go back to the first story, see what doesn’t fit, or what needs to be improved to work better with the sequel, and then fix it! It’s a luxury, and one I will begin working on in the new year. For now, I’m taking a break from writing to spend time with my family, who I neglected in the month of November.

Of course, I haven’t stopped thinking about the books. As I work and listen to writing podcasts and just live my life, certain things will pop into my mind that I know need to be included in the next revisions. There will have to be a point where the book is finished, or else this could be a never-ending process. The first book, Dwarf Mountain, will get one more pass, and then I’ll leave it be.

The second book (which still doesn’t have a title) will get two or three more passes before it’s deemed worthy to stand by itself. I’m looking forward to showing these off to world someday. They’ve been quite some time in the making, but such is the case when writing only happens two nights a week (except for November).

Anyway, this month I can’t see a lot happening just because it’s Christmas and we’re heading back to Canada for a week, and I’m working on a video for a non-profit this week for Project for Awesome. Next week is Star Wars, and then my wife’s family is in town. After November, this will be a good month to take a break from writing, so when I do come back to it, I’ll be fresh and ready to go!

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  1. Jill Jill

    Can’t wait to read both books in their final glory!

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