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Update on Writing and Life

Wow. I was so busy last week I didn’t even realize I hadn’t yet updated my blog! Anyway, here’s a little update as to what’s going on with my writing and life.


  1. Dwarf Mountain

cropped 6047542432 38a0aa0de7 o 1024x333 Update on Writing and Life

I am still querying agents about Dwarf Mountain. I have currently been rejected by nine agents, am waiting on two more responses, one of which seems to have forgotten all about me. So yes, things are moving quite swimmingly on this end.

I knew finding an agent would be difficult, especially since I don’t have much time for both writing and querying and everything else that’s going on. I also knew I’d most likely have to go through a lot of agents before I found the right one for Dwarf Mountain. All in all, things are right on track.

In other Dwarf Mountain news, I am in the middle of reading through the sequel (untitled as of yet) with my wife. We’re finding vast amounts of typos, incontinuity, but over all the story is flowing really well. I like it, my wife likes it, and I’m certain that by the time it’s all polished up, you will also like it (dare I say love?). I’m excited to start working on revisions as soon as I can.


2. Untitled New Series

I have mostly finished plotting the outline of my next series, an epic fantasy with a new magic system that should prove to bring a lot of new fun and excitement to the table. I’ll refrain from spilling the plot just yet, but do know I’m working on something else.


3. Short Stories

Galaxies 300x225 Update on Writing and Life
Tiny Epic Galaxies

I’ve submitted a few short stories to publications recently and am waiting to hear back on their worthiness to be included in said publications. If I am unable to pawn them off with some fancy publishers, you’ll most certainly see them in the Short Stories and Board Game Stories sections of this website. The latest to go up is based on the board game Tiny Epic Galaxies, so check that epic story out right here.


4. Camping

IMG 5262 300x184 Update on Writing and LifeI haven’t been camping since high school, so 13 years or something like that. So when we decided to go, I was obviously nervous about my lackluster survival skills (despite working for an emergency preparedness company). Fortunately, we didn’t die. In fact, we had a great time!


5. Marriage

I just celebrated my second anniversary with my most amazing wife ever. Just thought you should know.

IMG 5243 300x225 Update on Writing and Life


So there you go. I am still writing, still working, and still married. I’ll keep you posted as things progress with my writing projects.

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