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I Have a 1 Year Old

IMG 5126 e1465936729254 225x300 I Have a 1 Year Old
One of his presents was a neat little bucket! He loves buckets, as you can plainly see here.

My little guy turned one this weekend!

For some reason, it’s a huge relief. It’s not that I didn’t think we could, it’s just that I never thought it would actually happen. I mean, he’s always been a tiny, helpless baby, and how could he possibly get any older? It’s impossible! And yet, here he is, turning a year old.

I’d say I’m stoked that I kept him alive for an entire year, but that was all my wife’s doing. She deals with his moods all day, everyday. She’s the one that cares for him, teaches him, and gets to spend all kinds of time with him, each and every day.

She’s so lucky.

By the time I get home from work each night, I have just under two hours to be with him. By that time, however, he can be pretty tired and grumpy, so it’s not always a pleasant experience. But I love coming home, him hearing the door open, and then the pat pat pat of his crawling towards the door to see me. So cute!

Spending time with him is a blast, and so last weekend was immensely fun since we made it a weekend of doing whatever he wanted. And, since he can’t talk to tell us what he wants, we decided for him.

We made sure he got his naps in, took him to the splash pad for the very first time (he was scared and timid at first, but after I walked him around a bit, he found it quite entertaining!), and helped him enjoy his day. Best of all, I was able to be there with him all day long! That right there was so much fun.

I find it mildly amusing that his birthday is a week before Father’s Day. He’s the reason I am a dad. His gift to me is fatherhood, something I’ve always wanted, and now love every minute of now that it’s finally here. Having him smile and laugh his days away is what makes me happy. And when he’s happy, my wife has an easier job (still difficult, but at least he’s not crying…right?).

I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the matter as we had just celebrated his first birthday. He’s a great kid, my wife is an amazing mother, and I’m a lucky guy to have them both in my life. What else could I really ask for as a Father’s Day gift?

I have everything I need in those two shining stars.

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  1. Jill K. Jill K.

    Soooo I didn’t need to stress about a father’s day gift that whole time?

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