Thai Food: The Eternal Flame

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I love spicy food. It’s amazing! Not only does it clear out your sinuses, but there’s just something deliciously pleasurable about making your face suffer while you eat wonderful food. It’s a juxtaposition that most people probably don’t see enjoyable. … Continued

I Have a 1 Year Old

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My little guy turned one this weekend! For some reason, it’s a huge relief. It’s not that I didn’t think we could, it’s just that I never thought it would actually happen. I mean, he’s always been a tiny, helpless baby, … Continued

I Am a Weenie

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I’m a weenie. It’s true. Sure, I can charge into a brick wall (i.e. Tongan) and take him down in a rugby match, but if there’s a wasp in my kitchen, I am unable to maneuver a plastic cup to its … Continued

A One-on-None Interview

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Last night I had the memorable experience of being interviewed for an online teaching position by my laptop. I’ve had interviews in person, over the phone, and quite possible via Skype (I just can’t remember if that last one actually happened…). … Continued