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Board Game Stories

Sacrifice for Humanity (Inspired by Tiny Epic Galaxies)

Galaxies 150x150 Board Game StoriesThe fuzzy orb of light in the center of the viewport shattered into billions of tiny, glowing specks like a storm of glass. Some stars seemed to zip past the ship, while others stopped suddenly, taking their place at the far ends of the galaxy.

Syltavia Enturan’s entire body jostled and jerked in its restraints. A few strands of long, brown hair fluttered past her face. Pulling out of speeds that light itself can’t even keep up with was always jarring… [read more]



Turf War Revisited (Inspired by Flag Dash)

Flag Dash 10 02 150x150 Board Game StoriesClarence knelt in the grass, large backpack weighing him down. He probably should have zipped it back up after getting out his sunscreen, but it was too late for that now; his victim was making his way cautiously towards him.

Poor bloke doesn’t stand a chance, thought Clarence, hands on his remote control, ready to activate his trap.

His target was almost in range. Just one more step… [read more]



For Glory and Honor (Inspired by Champions of Midgard)

Viking Longship 150x150 Board Game Stories

The putrid stench wafted into Harald’s nostrils, threatening to make him lose everything he had eaten that day. He clenched his stomach muscles, refusing to let any physical weakness show. There was simply no time for weakness.

Weakness is what had gotten one of his companions killed…. [read more]